Importance of Agricultural Botany


Botany is the scientific study of plants which would also include the study food crops such as grain and vegetables. This study is important because it includes research on how to improve different strains of crop varieties, how a specific crop would grow in a particular climate and soil conditions, research on development of hybrids that increase crop yield, improve taste and appearance of grown food, increase pest resistance and hardiness to bad weather. The science of botany has contributed all these things to the development of agriculture to its modern day status. 

Farmers have manipulated plants and animals through selective breeding for tens of thousands of years in order to create desired traits. In the 20th century, a surge in technology resulted in an increase in agricultural biotechnology through the selection of traits like increased yield, pest resistance, drought resistance, and herbicide resistance. The first food product produced through biotechnology was sold in 1990, and by 2003, 7 million farmers were utilizing biotech crops. More than 85% of these farmers were located in developing countries.

To take bioscience to new heights, promote interdisciplinary research, create biotechnology tools and technologies that address the problems of agricultural productivity, food production, nutrition security, healthcare and environmental sustainability by providing new and emerging technology, products and services at affordable prices, generate employment opportunities and make India globally competitive in the emerging bio-economy. Seed and biotech industry R&D grew faster than any other agribusiness in India and now conducts more private agricultural R&D in India than any other agribusiness.

Faculty Profile Format

Faculty Name

Mr. Prakash Popat Sawant


Asst. Professor


M.Sc. (Agri)

Area of Specialization

Plant Physiology

Professional Qualification 

Agril. Botany


Teaching : One year and six month

Industrial: -

Paper Presented/Published

Research papers : 15
Popular articles : 40
Radio talk : 05
Conference attended : 12

No. of Students Guided




Sr. No.

Name of equipment’s




Laminar air flow cabinet

For isolation, to maintain aseptic conditions




For sterilization of liquid media, glassware’s. 

Temperature-120 OC, 

Pressure-15 psi for 15 min.



Hot air oven

Sterilization of glassware’s. 

Temp.-180 OC for 20 min



Weighing balance

To weight the chemicals




Used at isolation of culture, lifting sample and culture



Spirit lamp

Dry heat sterilization of needles



Non-absorbent cotton

For plugging the conical flask and test tube



Glass petri plates 

For growing the culture



Plastic petri plates

Detection of seed micro flora



Conical flask

Preparation of solution



Test tube

Preparation of slants